Weight Reduction and Size Management

Are you happy with the shape of your body? Are you struggling to stick to diets? Do you need more motivation to exercise?

Did you know that diets may work on the body, but not the mind? The subconscious resists to change so usually the weight gets put back on. Its paramount to work on your mind like a muscle at a gymnasium.

Hypnotherapy can really help you by supporting you to be more empowered, aware and in control with the decisions  you make. You will be able to understand the triggers that cause your selection of unhealthy food choices and implement steps to maintain a better, healthier diet and lifestyle.

With hypnotherapy you can also reduce cravings for certain foods! Hypnosis can be integrated to follow a healthy diet and even eliminate cravings for certain food. By engaging your subconscious you are empowered and in control! 

There are various hypnotherapy methods and mind management techniques that can be used to help you reach your desired shape and size.


Specialized therapies include the infamous Virtual Gastric Band!

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