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Reduce Alcohol Consumption and Drug Use  - Addictions

Are you drinking too much alcohol?

Have you ever thought you should cut down?

Have you ever felt angry by someone asking you whether you feel you are drinking too much?

Have you ever felt guilty about drinking?

Have you ever had to have an eye opener in the morning?   


............ If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions you may have an alcohol problem  ???

Similarly, if you replace the word 'alcohol' with 'drugs' in the above and answered yes to one or more questions you may have a drug problem  ???

Hypnotherapy allows you to be in control of your drinking rather than letting your drinking control you! Excessive drinking of alcohol can be seen as an emotional crutch. Hypnosis allows direct communication with your subconscious mind; the part that drives your behaviour! It allows the right thoughts, decisions and behavioural patterns to become completely natural to you so you can feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when you gain control!

Have you ever tried to cut down your alcohol consumption or stop completely but your subconscious keeps on resisting? Hypnosis empowers you to get the subconscious to accept the conscious decision. 

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can also help with other addictions and drug use.

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