Procrastination can be very troublesome and frustrating. It often makes the simplest of tasks very difficult to get done leaving the most important things we want to achieve slip further away from our reach. It can result in being late for events, meeting deadlines, reduced productivity, missing targets, failing to reach important goals and becoming unreliable at times.


Time is wasted procrastinating. Time is life. What you are and what you have depends on how you spend your time. You control what you do. It is difficult not to be distracted by social media, notifications, emails, telephone calls and other people. A few minutes of your time can easily turn into an entire hour of wasted time. Our habits are often not recognized that tends to exacerbate the procrastination. Do you use your time effectively?

Flawed thinking is the cause of procrastination as we convince ourselves with negative thoughts to avoid certain tasks and become distracted. The conscious mind is only capable of focusing on one thing at a time. You should only worry about things that you can control, otherwise they are simply distractions.

Procrastination is a learned behavior that is developed over a lifetime which is dictated by negative automatic unconscious thoughts. Examples of these unconscious negative thoughts include fear of failure, perfectionism, lack of confidence, too self critical, distracted mind and low energy. We end up convincing ourselves not to take action and at times not even try. A deep rooted fear that we cant succeed  has control over our actions and the subconscious mind enters into its protective mode to move us away from disappointment or upset. 

By communicating with your subconscious mind directly hypnosis is such a powerful tool that can help rewire the brain so our true intentions, aims and goals rise to the surface of our minds. Hypnotherapy can be used to gain control of ourselves and actions so things are remained on top of and the things that we really wanted to do are done sooner rather than later!

Hypnotherapy can help you make real changes to your life in the way that you approach situations, your motivation, energy levels and become more positive naturally. It provides the subconscious mind perspective to break down the barriers that are holding you back and teaches the subconscious skills to become the more reliable, productive, focused and in control version of your self. To overcome procrastination become your future self!

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